7 ways to know if you get a quality roof.

quality roof

7 ways to know if you get a quality roof.

1. Felt paper; quality roofers use synthetic felt paper. paper absorbs water synthetic felt sheds water. make sure you get it.

2. Ice and watershield; although not code in most southern counties make sure you get it. We guarantee you will never have a rotten gutter board or soffit board by installing our watertight method to the overhangs of your home.

3. Ridge cap: should be “actual” hip and ridge accessory shingles not cut down 3-tabs that don’t quite match exactly and have a potential to blow offs. We use actual hip and ridge shingles that are thicker and match better than cut down 3-tabs.

4. laminated shingles; laminated shingles are better than 3-tab shingles and are easier to install; improper nail placement can ruin a nice roof job.

Proper nail placement is required for a quality roof.

5. Pipe jacks; a common issue is that most roofers still use plastic pipe jacks that have a 100% chance of getting rotten and causing a leak. We use lead pipe jacks and lead does not rot.

6. shingle brand; the top 3 quality brands are Owens Corning, Gaf and certainteed. Any other brand is inferior in our opinion.

We choose Owens Corning shingles.

7. warranty; not the one from the manufacturer but the labor and workmanship warranty from the installer.

We give a limited lifetime “transferable” labor and workmanship warranty on all new work.

we can’t do them all but we can do them best.