Common Questions

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Do you give free estimates?
Yes we give free in home estimates, if this is a storm related incident our trained professionals will show you all the options you have.
What can hail do to my home?
Hail may not show any immediate signs of damage to your roof. Hail normally has to be the size of a golf ball to bruise or break through your roof. Older roofs will be damaged much easier than newer roofs because roofing materials become more brittle over time.

You usually will not find leaks caused by hail but that doesn’t mean that you do not have severe damage. Hail gives shingles bruises that will expand and contract over time with the seasonal temperature changes and the suns UV rays. Those bruises will turn into holes and then YOU WILL HAVE LEAKS.

How can you help me, the homeowner?
We offer a free, no-obligation inspection of your home to determine the extent of your damages and what can be done to fix the affected areas. We offer DIRECT INSURANCE BILLING which GUARANTEES that you will NEVER PAY MORE THAN YOUR DEDUCTIBLE for covered repairs.
Do I need to wait for my adjuster to come out?
No. We work directly with your insurance carrier and the most you pay is your deductible.
Do I need to get several estimates?
No. Your insurance company is going to pay for the repairs based on what the opinion of the insurance adjuster.
They may tell you to get estimates but they already have a repair price in mind that they “INTEND” to pay regardless of any price you get.
Do I need a permit?
Usually not. Some city ordinances will require a permit if the structure of the building is changed or if there will be more than 100 sq. ft. of roof decking being replaced..
Can I do my own work?
As a homeowner, you may do your own work. There are many things that can be performed within your home that fall under general repair such as: installing new sink faucets, upgrading kitchen cabinets, drywall repairs, etc. The items that fall under this category do not require a permit and can be preformed by the homeowner. A good rule of thumb to follow is if any project you may be doing in your home affects any mechanical systems such as electrical, hvac, or structural, then a permit is required. The work may still be performed by the homeowner.
When do I need and inspection?
When you obtain a permit you will be given a list of needed inspections. These inspections reflect key phases of the job being performed and may vary.
What should I require from a contractor?
You should always ensure that the contractor is licensed by the Municipality that he services. They should have copies of Insurance on hand. All legitimate contractors would expect these questions and should have no problem providing this information. Will your contractor give you a Lifetime Labor Warranty or is it from the manufacturer?

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