Getting Great Gutters


Getting Great Gutters

Gutters are integral part of the home, they make sure water flows away from the roof and onto the ground. However when you have gutters that are not properly installed then it starts to cost you money. You can be out there paying contractors hundreds of dollars and then they still don’t get the job done right.

Not attached properly

When the roof is built and the rafters are added these are of course extremely important in more ways than one. The rafters of course hold up the roof, but you also use these so that you can anchor in the gutter. There are many times that contractors do not get these nailed in properly. This can cause the gutters to come falling down, this can cause more property damage, and in some instances cause bodily harm.

Hundreds of Dollars

With these repairs comes the hard task of finding a new contractor to come out and get the job done and your gutters back on your roof. Sometimes this can cost hundreds of dollars and won’t even be done properly, this of course is all dependent on the contractor. You want to know the job is done correctly and that will be covered for the years to come.


You can have a contractor come out and put the gutter back up, hopefully they do the job right because if you get a warranty with the work then it will only be a 2 year warranty and the gutter itself may stay up for 2 years before falling down again. House Mechanics offers a Lifetime Labor Warranty, this helps you to feel satisfied that job has been done right, because if it hasn’t then they will come back and make the repairs.

House Mechanics has been working on homes for over 75 years, giving them the longest and best record out in the market. The gutters they put back up or even put on your home will be covered for life. This is backed up by his warranty and the ability to get the job done right the first time.