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Is it time to replace your roof? In need of a quality and experienced roofing contractor? At WaterTight, we offer a wide range of outstanding roof options that include Owens Corning, GAF, and Certainteed .

Your Roofing Decisions

WaterTight Roofing and Exteriors recommends that you be selective in your approach to shopping for a new roof. We will help you determine which type of roof covering is best suited for your home.

Typical roofing products include Asphalt Shingles and Metal Roofing. (most residential roof installations are asphalt shingles). Aesthetics and good value are the primary reasons for this selection. Most custom homes will feature higher end asphalt composition shingles, wood shingles or concrete tile.

roofing decisions

Ask The Important Questions

We have an exclusive “patent pending” application method when roofing your home and we are more affordable than the big guys!

Ask certain questions when interviewing prospective roofers to understand their actual knowledge of roof replacement and warranty coverage. In addition to being a reputable company ask the following:


When reviewing a warranty, be sure the warranty is not taken over by the manufacturer after a period of years limiting the warranty to the product only.
Most so called “lifetime warranties” do not fully cover leaks caused by faulty workmanship. WaterTight Roofing and Exteriors warranty is fully transferable up to 30 years. WaterTight Roofing offers a lifetime transferable warranty at no extra cost.


An itemized proposal with a list of existing problems that need correcting with the new roof should be the standard. Anyone can replace your roof however, who is going to provide a solution to fix all of your current issues you may have with a new roof?


Will the representative have extensive experience in replacing roofs or just selling roofs? Vents, pipe boots, ridge cap, nail placement and other critical items can NOT be overlooked when achieving a quality roof replacement. WaterTight Roofing and Exteriors has an exclusive “patent pending” application method which stops leaks caused by overflowing gutters and ice dams.


An itemized proposal with a list of existing problems that need correcting with the new roof should be the standard. Anyone can replace your roof however, who is going to provide a solution to fix all of your current issues you may have with a new roof?

Spaced sheathing

Why is plank decking and spaced sheathing an unsuitable nailing surface?
Proper Nail Placement is also critical to the warranty & performance of your new shingles. Manufacturers have very strict requirements for the placement of all fasteners through the shingles, & if not followed WILL void the warranty on the entire roof, even if only a few shingles are found to be improperly fastened.
Decking is the wood beneath your shingles. Manufacturers have requirements for this as well, for their warranties to apply. Decking must either be 4’x8′ sheets of plywood or OSB.
Some manufacturers allow 1″ nominal thickness boards, no wider than six 6”. (Commonly referred to as 1×6 boards), these boards are common on older homes. However, these boards always have small gaps between them and were typically green lumber (not kiln dried) and will shrink 5%-10% leaving gaps greater than ¼” and knotholes greater than 1”. Furthermore proper nail placement requires installers to nail shingles only in exact areas, this would often locate nails in gaps instead of into wood holding the nail in place. Moreover, nails close to the edge of these gaps will cause the 1×6 boards to split and will NOT properly anchor the shingles. These aged boards frequently also have knot-holes that have dried out & fell into the attic area of the home or nails accidentally placed in these knot holes will cause the nails to blow through the knot hole resulting in holes that will cause leaks, again leaving a void where a properly placed nail would not be driven into wood.

Older homes also may have 1×8, 1×10, or 1×12 boards that are NOT approved for shingle warranties. Excessive gaps or boards wider than 6″ require a minimum layer of 3/8” plywood or OSB to be installed over the old boards to achieve a solid, smooth, structurally sound deck for the application of felts, metal edgings, and shingles. Final decisions regarding decking costs can typically be made after careful inspection from the underside of the roof structure or when the old shingles are removed and a complete deck inspection can occur.

Sheathing over ship-lap decking, also shows the ridge opened up for ridge venting. Ship-lap, a type of plank decking installed from the 1930s into the 1960s has been known to cause issues with composition shingles due to its irregularities. The ship-lap, or any other “solid” plank type roof decking, were also typically green lumber (not kiln dried) and will shrink 5%-10% leaving gaps greater than ¼” and knotholes greater than 1”. When new it was actually a nice tight roof deck system. Over time the wood dries out, splits and cracks form, knots fall out and the boards warp and pull free from fasteners. It is common to see a bulge in roofs where the end of a plank has sprung from its anchoring and is now curling away from the roof. Because these boards continue to expand and contract with temperature & humidity the problems just keep getting worse as time goes along. Most composition shingle manufactures will not warranty their products when installed over old plank type roof decking.

Your Residential and Commercial Roofing Contractors in Indianapolis, IN

Your roof should protect your home from the elements. If it’s not doing its job, it’s time to seek professional help. WaterTight Roofing and Exteriors is a commercial and residential roofing installation and roof repair company in Indianapolis, providing honest, reliable roofing services to protect your home. You have many choices for roofing materials; our roofing contractors can help you choose the best solution to increase your property value, improve energy efficiency, and boost curb appeal, giving you peace of mind that you’ve invested in a long-lasting roof.

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Whether you need a roof for new construction or your roof needs replacement, you can trust our commercial and residential roofing installation services in Indianapolis, IN, to provide quality services at reasonable rates. We work with many roofing materials, giving you dependable options that give you the desired aesthetics and energy efficiency. You can find options like Owens Corning, GAF, and Certain teed, allowing you to find the best solution for your home at competitive rates.

We’re Available for Roof Repairs

Our residential and commercial roofing contractors in Indianapolis, IN, are experts in roof repair. When you notice a problem, you can trust our team to inspect your roof and identify the issue. We arrive equipped to handle most roofing repairs on the spot, giving you confidence that your roof is restored. Our team aims to minimize long-term damage to protect your property and reduce costs. Our repair services come with a lifetime transferable warranty, giving you further peace of mind.

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